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Watch Gun Gale Collaboration!


Thankksss! Sorry for being inactive tho :c
Fri Oct 24, 2014, 6:50 AM
your improvement is really impressive keep it up
Wed Aug 13, 2014, 4:55 AM


Apr 11, 2017
7:30 am
Apr 3, 2017
4:09 am
Apr 2, 2017
1:20 pm
Apr 2, 2017
12:47 am
Apr 1, 2017
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Fordz-Anims's Profile Picture
Mulford Samper
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm a digital artist 'cuz I do art and animation.
Mostly animation, stick-figure animation to be exact.

Subscribe to my Youtube channel!


Welp, I'll be uploading some GIF's of my YouTube videos so that I can share them in this site since videos aren't really allowed here. They can be uploaded, actually, but with a shit ton of restrictions so yeah I guess a GIF image would be way better. 
Guys HELP!

I don't think I can really upload videos here, if possible can you help guys help me? There must be some way...
Alright! I'll start being active in here again! I'll just put the video in an SWF with some sort of code. It's sad to see this place getting abandoned, anyway I hope you'll like my upcoming works! I'll post my Super Mario Bros Parody around December 23 or 24 and I'm also working on a Sakuga type of animation! Stay tuned!
Hello :3
I haven't been here for a while, for one reason.
I don't think this place supports videos and my animations are in video format now eheheh ^.^"

Really sorry, I hope they can support videos soon!

My YouTube Channel:


by Nachooz

The animation is quite amazing actually. I'm not better than you but I think I can give you some advice. I think the animation looks a ...

When I was still a beginner in my field of work, I created a deviantART account in order to have a place for all my art and animations. I trusted this place to keep all my masterpieces safe.

:iconterkoiz: and :iconhyun1990: were the ones who first inspired me, they were the ones who made me what I am now.

Yoyo vs FLLFFL by Hyun1990

Yoyo vs FLLFFL - one of the first stick-figure animations that I've ever seen. This is an entertaining battle created by Hyun against his fellow buddy, Terkoiz. This is about FLLFFL (Alfa) and Yoyo fighting each other in some kind of battlefield full of pillars and elevated platforms. Terkoiz owns Alfa while Hyun owns Yoyo. Since of course Hyun animated this, he let Yoyo win, and he also won their animation battle.

So I started to animate in 2011. I sucked, lol.

Epic Parkour by Fordz-Anims

Epic Parkour - one of the animations I made during 2011, specifically on December 31st. It's not the first since I started during August of 2011. I improved a lot on this animation compared to others before this.

I continued to animate, and in 2012, I was a whole lot better in animation.

NinjaFordz Demo 2012 by Fordz-Anims

NinjaFordz Demo 2012 - NinjaFordz is, from the name itself, a ninja wielding a dual bladed scythe that has blades that can extend via red cables inside the scythe's handle. I finished this on March 7, 2012. It was one of my best animations at that time. I really improved a lot.

Last Stand || Zetabrand Tribute Entry by Fordz-Anims

Last Stand || Zetabrand Tribute Entry - Well, after NinjaFordz's Demo, I continued to practice and practice. By May 25, 2012, I finished this animation. It's about NinjaFordz and Nhazul working together to beat Charged (formerly named Fordz, still an O.C.). I was so proud of this one, was really improving fast.

2012 was also the year I first joined a competition, this competition was named Best Sequence Execution Version 4

BSE V4 - Round 1[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R1 by Fordz-Anims

BSE V4 - Round 2[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R2 by Fordz-Anims

BSE V4 - Round 3
[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R3 by Fordz-Anims

BSE V4 - Round 4
[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R4 by Fordz-Anims

BSE V4 - Round 5
[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R5 by Fordz-Anims

BSE V4 - Round 6
[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R6 by Fordz-Anims

BSE V4 - Round 7
[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R7 by Fordz-Anims

And so after the 7th round of BSE, year 2012 has ended. Now begins the year 2013.

BSE V4 - Round 8
I won in this round of the competition
[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R8 ~ Round Winner by Fordz-Anims

BSE V4 - Round 9
Unfortunately, I was unable to join this round. I didn't finish my animation due to school tasks.

BSE V4 - Round 10
[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R10 by Fordz-Anims

I then won 2nd place for being persistent enough to join at least 9 rounds :)
I received $150, it was worth it...

I took a break and watched other animations to inspire me to keep on going...
Even while taking a break, I still managed to create small animations for collaboration entries, just to keep me from rusting.

A lot of people who used to look down on me became my friends. I made a lot of friends with awesome skills in animation.

Some of them were :iconyuzas:, :iconrebwastaken:, :icontyrannosaurus-resh:, and :iconsyriusi:

Some works by Yuzas (Guz)
Exercise by YuzasDM Intro by Yuzas

Some works by Xrebellion

Some works by Tyrannosaurus-Resh (Resh)
RHG Umbrella v Franky by Tyrannosaurus-ReshUmbrella: Hypersonic by Tyrannosaurus-ReshUmbrella: Overdrive by Tyrannosaurus-Resh

Some works by Syriusi (Syrius)

Speed by SyriusiMass Carnage by SyriusiTriple Threat by SyriusiMBC2 part by Syriusi

Because of these guys, my major inspirations in animation. I have reached this far.
This 2014, I have improved a lot. A LOT.

These are my works for this year~

Dual Bladed Scythe || Nemesis BYE Tribute Entry by Fordz-Anims

BSE V5 - R1 by Fordz-Anims

BSE V5 - R3 by Fordz-Anims

~~And my latest animation, submitted to deviantART on August 11, 2014~~

Scribblenauts Unlimited: Rescuing Stickpage by Fordz-Anims

Dear deviantART, thank you for you support!


Your loyal member,



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If you love me, gimme all your money! <3

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